Facts of Grace

2013 Dr. Brenda Simuel Jackson, Ph.D.

Hope was born in me.
Hope is my eternity.
Hope guides me each day.
Grace, a gift from God of unmerited favor.
Grace, a gift from God Who provided salvation.
Grace, a prayer to God expecting deliverance from danger.
Grace, an act of God giving us His mercy.
Grace, resulted in our transformation.
Grace provides security which is not of our making.
Grace is security, available for the taking.
Through grace there is life eternally.
Through grace there is holiness and humility.
Through Grace we are servants of God, serving one another.
Grace is the love we give to our Christian sisters and brothers.
Grace in the flesh and the spirit is like a jewel, a treasure given to us.
A jewel we must let shine and glow, and not collect dust.