2009 Dr. Brenda Simuel Jackson, Ph.D.

We enter life at a crossroad with arrows pointing in the direction where we grow.
Sometimes we have loving help to get us over all roadblocks, and keep us growing in the right direction where ever we go.
Sometimes we are dumped on the curb, and left to die, or live as best we can.
Having gotten past the crossroads of puberty, peer pressure, drugs, and sex, making right and wrong choices, not allowing self to find what is really the best.
Finally we accept that we must choose life or death for ourselves, we must repent and believe or deny and not receive our reprieve.
Which road will we follow? Jesus said come My yoke is easy and my burdens are light. He said come, and I will give you rest.
Choose the road that leads to eternal life, the road of Jesus Christ is the road that provides life's best.