The Relationship

2010 Dr. Brenda Simuel Jackson, Ph.D.

Yes, Fathers are part of the family God designed.
Fathers are to be head of the family regardless of the family kind.
Fathers are lovers, friends, protectors, and providers of the family group. Fathers, when love is absent, please be patient and expect to recoup.
Fathers normally are the family members on the battle fields of war, and are left to wander aimlessly when let out without an open door.
Fathers need protection too, love, friends, and emotional provisions are their due.
Not all fathers meet God’s original design standard, but there is always grace and mercy for those who are so stranded.
Families which are incomplete because daddy has been excluded, with God’s help can restore daddy, and make sure he’s included.
Family relationships are from God, let us rebuild them where broken, and renew them where they are fake and only a token.
Fathers, be the glue, head your family as Christ heads the Church; place your hope for your family in the One Who is True and produces new birth in you.