2007 Dr. Brenda Simuel Jackson, Ph.D.

Feel isolated although I can reach out and touch someone.
I feel isolated as I look across the room and notice the work I have done.
I’m not connected to anyone in this place.
I feel violated if someone enters my space.
I feel eyes of rejection constantly following me.
I wish there was
trusting confidence I could see.
I heard a small but firm voice say, draw near to me, and hear My Word.
I’ll never forsake you or leave you is what I heard.
I need to cast my cares on the One Who can bear,
I need to find a Friend with Whom I can share.
In times of loneliness, David found in The Lord genuine concern and no longer was he in deprivation.
I too, in an intimate relationship with my living Savior, will find deliverance from this mental state of isolation.