Missions - Thembaka

"Fruit of the Spirit Mission Team"


Lord increase my (BSJ Christian Seminars’), territory in Prison Ministry. BSJ Christian Seminars went International! The Lord permitted prison ministry through Minister Brenda S. Jackson, and Brenda Rudolph in South African prisons located in Cape Town and Pretoria, Pollsmoor Complex, 5 facilities housing 9000, and Leeuwkop, housing over 4000.

“Fruit of the Spirit “ is the name of this mission team of nine who journeyed to South Africa to visit Jesus in prison, to empower women by assisting in launching a safe house, and teaching quilting skills, in medical outreach to diagnose high blood pressure and sugar diabetes, and to encourage the youth and provide supplies for schools. The journey started on the morning of February 7, 2008, and ended on the afternoon of February 20, 2008. Travel time, 20 hours one way.

We left the US with 22 locker size duffle bags of items from school supplies, to clothes, to medicine, to hygiene items, monies for prison fellowship international, and of course oil for every need.

Pain is in my head and travels to my neck, she's 50 years of age; I want more movement on my right side, she said holding up her right hand which was limp, she's 34. In each instant, prayers were answered.

Just a few memories of persons being brought through the rivers, minds being renewed, souls saved, and knowing what it means to be faithful to the commission, and faithful in ministering to Jesus.

The prison ministry allowed us to minister with Sister Susan, who has ministered at Pollsmoor for 30 years, and said our coming was an answer to a 30 year prayer. Her residence is in the prison complex. We worshipped with those in maximum security, with women inmates and their children, and with over 800 youths. We were blessed to have small group meetings and to participate in a restorative justice program, and the Sycamore Tree Project. God is awesome.

The Lord has allowed us to join hands in serving Him and visiting Jesus in prison across oceans, and as He so wills we will return for ministry in November 2008.

I was blessed with a new name, given by one of the worshippers, Thembaka, meaning Faithful. What a Blessing.

-- Minister Dr. Brenda S. Jackson, Ph.D.