Transcending Transformation

2009 Dr. Brenda Simuel Jackson, Ph.D.

Dedicated to the Women of Huron Valley Correctional Center
Out for the count, when I received my sentence.
Out from my known world to a place of unknown qualities.
Worldly clothes taken, and prison garb received, a fashion plate of difference? Please!
The Chaplain provided opportunities for me to see my past world, and to start my life over, if only my soul would unfurl.
In the world, I conformed to what was for my convenience, but now conformance is because I am doing penitence.
The volunteers, invited by the Chaplain, open the way for true change to transform myself into a new creation, to stand above all my worldly sensations.
Freedom through Jesus Christ; He broke all my chains, and now daily living is with the Holy Spirit, Who truly holds the reins.
My spiritual gifts are becoming evident, and my talents are constantly showing my confidence.
Like the caterpillar, I am transformed, and like the Eagle, I transcend to higher heights of God's love and His Word.
Down for the count, not I, there are many rounds in my transformation which will forever transcend my past life of sin.
There are no rules against soaring in Christ!
My transformed life is so nice.