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Mission Trip October 16-23 to Jamaica
Reflections by Dr. Brenda Simuel Jackson

Jamaica Man

The sun was high, sweat poured from every pore. Will you pray for my father came the request from an 11 year old quiet spoken girl. We held hands and went to the throne of Grace.

Her nose was red and slightly swollen, she said pray for my family; the Holy Spirit said pray for peace, respect and unity as well.

I know Christ was crucified for me, but I have never asked Him into my life. She confessed Christ amid sweat and tears.

Pain is in my head and travels to my neck, she's 50 years of age; I want more movement on my right side, she said holding up her right hand which was limp, she's 34. In each instant, prayers were answered.

Just a few memories of persons being brought through the rivers, minds being renewed, souls saved, and knowing what it means to be faithful to the commission, and faithful in ministering to Jesus.

Jamaica Man
More Reflections by Dr. Brenda Simuel Jackson, Ph.D.

It was a smooth flight, answered prayer, and we loaded onto a small bus with luggage stacked on the back seats, and the driver driving on the right. He had to stop once to keep from losing luggage through the open window.

Our accommodations were in a resort, not the typical missionary's home away from home. The food and service were additional rewards received after a day on the mission field of prayer and counseling under a tent in 100 degree heat.

Morning prayers gave us the day's kick start. There were twenty of us in prayer and counseling, and each of us ministered to over 25 persons each day of the mission assignment which started at 7:00am with a 45 minute ride to the mission site, and ended at approximately 5:00pm with the return trip.

Blessings, the Lord used me to provide guidance to accepting Jesus Christ and salvation to twenty persons, restoration to three, and sowing seeds in 40 others. Emotional problems were released, children came seeking prayer for their parents, grandmothers for grandchildren, siblings for each others, whole families came; abuse was detected and blood pressures wee reduced, issues of employment and training were amount the counseling and prayer requests.

Medical doctors, ministers, dentists, nurses, intercessors, pharmacy assistants, dental assistants, greeters and escorts, security, food distributors, and helpers, all working together as one body in Christ.

What an awesome time, to God be the Glory.

-- Minister Dr. Brenda S. Jackson, Ph.D.

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