“My Child, The Blessing”

2004 Dr. Brenda Simuel Jackson, Ph.D.

Oh Lord,
1961 was the year of a blessing,
Although I treated him like a curse.
He was healthy and strong, and had done no wrong.
A loving mother and father who had not given birth,
took him home, they were so filled with mirth.
Years passed by, and my blessing I still had not seen,
and You Lord said go and search the scene.
Although fear of rejection and non-forgiveness filled my heart,
You sent me Lord on this journey and said do not depart.
2003, July the time of being blessed again,;
coming face to face with my son in spite of my fain
The road of getting acquainted has not been all joy and laughter,
at times it has been hurtful, and felt like disaster.
But God You are in control; You led me down this path for a reason,
Lord help me to know and trust my blessing during this our season.